The FIWARE PySpark Connector is a FIWARE Generic Enabler (GE) creating a data bridge between the FIWARE Context Brokers and PySpark.
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What Is FIWARE PySpark Connector

FIWARE PySpark Connector is a FIWARE Generic Enabler (GE) made of a receiver and a replier subcomponents allowing a bidirectional communication between the FIWARE Context Brokers (CB) and PySpark. The component works on a low-level socket communication implementing a message passing interface between the two aforementioned counterparts. This interface is equipped with a parser function, hence permitting the creation of both NGSIv2 and NGSI-LD entities ready to use in a custom PySpark algorithm. Once data are preprocessed inside the PySpark evnironment, the component also provide a write-back interface (via REST API) to the CBs.

Why Use FIWARE PySpark Connector

FIWARE PySpark Connector was created with the idea of expanding the FIWARE CB's environment to merge with python's one. Python is currently one of the most used programming languages for data analysis, providing lots of scientific libraries for data processing and visualization. Context brokers such as Orion, on the other hand, are powerful tools allowing the management of context elements and sending updates via subscriptions. This connector is able to open a communication path between these two instruments and to combine the advantages they provide at a little-to-none cost.

Component Architecture

Pysparkconnector drawio

The FIWARE-PySpark receiver is currently a custom tool capable of receiving HTTP messages from a context broker and transform them to produce a batched stream of NGSI events to be processed by a PySpark job. The tool is represented in the above diagram and it is made of:

  • Connector Library: Set of functions to receive and reply to the context broker
  • Connector configuration file: Configuration file to configure the connector servers and mode, class definition for NGSI Events and Parameter configuration for replier side.
  • Subscribing Tool: Optional Library browsing the available entities in the context broker and allowing an easier subscription.


The FIWARE PySpark Connector is licensed under Affero General Public License (GPL) version 3.

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PySpark Connector has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No 870062 CAPRI.

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